A quick solution to any

Zorex is the new range of household and cleaning products. From household products such as sponges, mops
or wet cloths, up to foil and food bags for
storage, Zorex brings a complete range of products
to ease daily tasks.

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Top quality
for impeccable cleanliness

The best products in the range, Zorex Pro products bring you the best quality to make cleaning in the shortest possible time.

This range includes:
Mop refills, sponges, cloths, food foils, food Bags, garbage bags, etc

Affordable efficiency

More efficient and last longing, Zorex Clasic products range
are the right products that resist long-term use.

This range includes:
Garbage bags, baking paper, disposable and household gloves, sponges, cloths, mop refills etc

Products for
any pocket

Zorex Basic products are affordable products suitable for everyday chores around the house.

This range includes:
Garbage bags, food foils, gloves, sponges, plastic and metal scourers, cloths, dustpans,mop buckets, etc

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